6 May 2022

Kickstarter to “Career Starter”

After an initial six months working at Genoa Black as part of the Kickstart Programme, Naomi McGuire begins her career as Junior Graphic Designer.

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4 Feb 2022

Waxing lyrical about the new moon

A new moon in the skies this week saw our CEO and Senior Strategist, Claire Kinloch, reflect on the benefits of ‘working on yourself’ to bring about positive changes in both our personal and business lives.

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17 Dec 2021

Designing a great start to my career

After two months working at Genoa Black, our Kickstarter Naomi McGuire, writes about how much she has learned about the professional world of brand marketing and design.

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24 Nov 2021

Helen Batten joins team as Client Services Director

As part of our senior recruitment drive, Helen has recently joined the G2B team.

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15 Oct 2021

Our post-pandemic recovery will dictate climate change.

Tom Barton, Strategic Planner and Researcher, outlines how the post-pandemic recovery will be a decisive period for fending off climate change.

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8 Oct 2021

Genoa Black bolsters its Green credentials

Passionate about keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to business sustainability and environmental credentials.

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6 Sep 2021

Kickstarting my career – Digital Marketing Executive report

Our Digital Marketing Executive, Lujain Beruwien, reports how her first month has been spent with the G2B team.

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10 Aug 2021

Half-time reflections from our Marketing Executive Kickstarter

Our Marketing Executive, Conor Joseph, shares his reflections at the half-way point through his placement with G2B.

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8 Jul 2021

Kickstarting my career

Conor Joseph, our Marketing Executive, gives an overview of his experience working with us at the end of his first month.

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