Genoa Black is passionate about keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to business sustainability and environmental credentials.

Sylwia Paterson, our Business Manager, recently took part in a 4-week Climate Emergency training course which was facilitated by Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of its Carbon Literacy Project,and arranged by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

Keen to ensure the company makes the right decisions to continue to reduce its carbon footprint to help combat climate change and reduce its impact on the environment, Sylwia found the workshops were an ideal opportunity to expand her carbon literacy and simply learn more. The first part of the course explained the science behind global warming, the sources of greenhouse gases and their impact on climate change, also what’s being done locally, nationally, and internationally. Later workshops focused on identifying impacts, risks and opportunities for Scotland and globally, and how to mitigate and adapt to changes. Thus, leading Sylwia to reflect on our own organisation and sector’s role in climate change, and what actions the team need to take to reduce emissions.

Sylwia has just completed the course and is now working on implementing some changes to our business practices to make sure Team GB are aware of carbon emissions/savings and how best to make their contribution towards the Net Zero pledge to continue to grow a sustainable business.

“I really enjoyed the workshops, not only were they insightful and useful on a professional level, I also found myself calculating my own personal carbon footprint, pre and post covid for comparison! With COP26 on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to highlight that even small changes in our behaviours can make a huge difference to reduce harmful emissions and make a real impact!”

As a wider team effort, we are now also considering how to share this knowledge effectively and the best way we can use our skills to encourage further engagement in our business community. So watch this space!